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Translation Management System

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The translation management system from Logos provides a scalable, customizable Web-based ecosystem which consists of two technical components - Logosys and myLogosys - to manage the translation life cycle.

The real task of Logosys is to deliver the right workflow environment and knowledge that will enable each professional resource to focus on quality. Minimizing administrative/repetitive tasks and file handling means people selected with the right skills and knowledge can focus on true collaboration, enhancing the value and overall quality of our service.

myLogosys, our community-inspired platform, is provided freely as part of the translation process as a tool for open collaboration between Logos, our teams worldwide and our clients. The outsourcing to Logos of the infrastructure, software and data enables our translation management system to be quickly operational, with no up front investment. You will benefit from years of Logos experience without the need to install and maintain software or dedicated personnel internally.

Support is built-in for industry standards (XLIFF, TMX, ITS, DITA and TBX) to ensure ease of file management as well as Translation Memory and termbase sharing across multiple vendors.

There is a wide range of options for moving content through the translation process using either industry-standard Web Services, secure HTTP channels, FTP, or in any of these in combination to virtually any content repository.

We support translation and terminology management in the cloud. Integration with third party applications with access to Software Development Kits (SDKs).

Our aim is to make the flow of content traffic between us as seamless as possible.

Our solution is provided freely as part of our service and fully customizable to your needs. We believe our value to you is our focus on knowledge and content building. Technology simply enables us to share an environment but it is how we customize it that determines its ease of use.